GIS Ltd. has been coping with those tasks by giving support for companies and government office, etc. based on abundant experience with business and we can help business expansion in many aspects.

Our company is designed to lead your business more speedy and achieve success.

The service we provide


GIS provides one-stop service of strategies, marketing research, negotiation, human resource etc., for those essential for business having trouble with business expansion.

  • Elaborate support from experienced consultant
  • Made-to-order consulting only for your company
  • First-hand information from all over the world

We provide precise and a real-time based consulting by comprehending the situations of all the countries of the world.

The example of the contents of consulting
  • Support for making plans for expansion of your business
  • Marketing research/competition research/marketing/market research
  • Support for negotiation with overseas customers

Those are just examples.
We shall discuss and give the best possible suggestions for your companies.


Our company collects information accurately in need of project strategy abroad including acquisition of partners, competition investigation and market investigation for your company.

  • Research for problem solving
  • Local research by experienced consultant
  • Elaborated research led by taking contact with CEOs and key persons
Examples for research
  • Market size estimation research for share grasp of own brands and operation plan formulation.
  • Business model research for expansion of new market of industry structure and main enterprise.
  • Trend survey for specific companies (each strategies, sales performance and organizational structure).

Those are just examples.
We shall discuss and give the best possible suggestions for your companies.


Our company examines and acquires the selection of human resources from strategy step, and find the most suitable human resources up to your strategy with your company.

  • Abundant consulting experience
  • A large numbers of research achievements
  • Acquisition of human resources from all over the world

By using our global network, it is possible to find out worthy person for your company.


We provide information including market, competing companies, taking appointment of acquisition of new customers and agencies, in needs of developing local businesses depends on your company’s needs.

  • Approach of additional business expansion with taking appointment and hearing as its core
  • Customer support centre based on Philippines.
  • Hi standard of levels of staffs
The example of telemarketing
  • Telemarketing of making appointment for prospective clients, management and a key person.
  • For acquisition of new projects
  • Hearing of competitors

Our company can deal with comprehensive projects. Let us hear your voice.