Global business expansion across industry sectors in simple steps

GIS LTD is a full spectrum business consultancy; a central source for a portfolio of services supporting the Industry and the Government with global business development in many areas across a wide range of sectors.

Our customers can get all that they need in a single step without complexity; a "one stop shop" solution.

Our numerous clients have been rewarded with excellent results from our efforts, where we have helped them develop their businesses overseas and expand their market coverage. We were successful in quickly realising the agreed goals using a simple and straight forward approach.

The manufacturing industry is one of our core competencies and our achievements within this sector in particular, have been outstanding.

Trajectory of GIS evolution

We have extensive past experience in the manufacturing sector and financial markets, including blue-chip companies and the government. In tackling the challenges, we used our knowledge of both Engineering as well as Finance.

As we came into our own and became an independent entity in the global business arena, we too went through many ups and downs. This made us realize that there is a significant shortage of available expertise in supporting global business operations. Having overcome similar challenges in the past, it is here that GIS chose to establish its strength. We have continued to add to our expertise and are successfully applying it for the benefit of our clients.

Given our broad perspective and hands-on expertise, we are confident that our services and support can assist companies who wish to establish operations in Japan, or Japanese companies who wish to expand globally.

Main services

  • Strategies and Human Resources
    We work through each global business development assignment from our clients by providing strategic and professional resources that can efficiently support them. We carry out extensive research and analysis of the local industry sector to understand the needs of the market, taking the most appropriate approach for providing the right people for the right jobs within our clients’ businesses.